About Capriole School of Riding
The commitment to learning from a classically educated instructor requires the prospective student to be able to change some of their "old" ways of thinking! Are you ready for this philosophical challenge?  Are you able to embrace your learning with humility and unconditional patience? 

*Riders have to forget about controlling the horse from the front end with over independence on the hands. 
*Instead, they need to appreciate more fully how the horse's hind end works, how energy can only become connected through freedom of the back, understanding what engagement of the hocks really means and how the applications of weight aids in the saddle can make the work easy or difficult for the horse.
*It must be realized that proper schooling is progressive but that all horses are different when it comes to how long each phase will take.
*Riders must be patient realizing that there are no shortcuts to the art of rebalancing the horse for whatever purpose he is required.
*In short, riders have to be prepared to assume total responsibility for their actions. This means never blaming the horse when things go wrong and being prepared to re-evaluate their own work and return to the basics.

Capriole School of Riding is family-owned and operated right here in Bristol, TX. Since our company opened its doors in 1995 in Lancaster, PA, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other equestrian facilities may offer similar services, but our services provide an undeniable professionalism, and come with a personal touch.  
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A rider must cleverly place a horse in such a balance that each request was his idea in the first place! Light hands and light legs render light joyful horses.  At all times horses must be encouraged thru tact and gentleness. "When your horse shies at an object and is unwilling to go up to it, he should be shown that there is nothing fearful in it, least of all to a courageous horse like himself." - Xenephon Why do some riders still persist in whacking a horse to go past an object; has no one ever heard of association of ideas?  It is clear that many of today's riders have failed to take any of this advice.  Today, we see stronger and stronger contraptions fitted to place our horses in an outline; contact is measured in terms of weight and some riders believe that strong legs or the spur is required for every stride.  I  challenge each of you to try classically proven principles and watch what appears to be a magical transformation engulf you and your horse.  Dedicate yourself to building a solid and trusting relationship with your horse that will bond you for life. CSR has this ancient knowledge that will empower you and your skills as an equestrian, competitor, trail rider, barrel racer and most importantly a human being.
Relax, unwind and experience the freedom.....remember why you love horses!