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 B.S. Degree Equine Science, International Group of Equestrian Qualifications Level III Master Instructor, British Horse Society Certified Instructor, Pro Rider Advisor

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Capriole School of Riding we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. Let us put our education, knowledge and experience to work for you.
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Unfortunately, the term classical riding has of late been overused, abused and misused. Classical riding is the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against, the horse.  Correct classical riding only occurs when the rider has a good seat and a correct and well balanced body position, moves with the horse's motion, and gives and times the aids correctly.  The origins lie in the natural ability of the horse and its movements in the wild.  In fact, the goal is to have the horse perform under saddle with the same degree of athleticism and grace that it naturally shows when free.  Since the research on classical methods have been proven, studied and accepted since the 15th century, only a well educated individual, trained in the biomechanical, theoretical and application of such methods, is qualified to educate others on the subject.  There are several prerequisites for a rider to consider before enrolling in any riding school that is certified and knowledgeable to teach classically.
Welcome to Bristol's best kept secret! Become a part of our oasis of green grassy pastures, trees, creeks and the joyful quiet of country life. What better playground could your horse ask for?  Whether you are learning to ride correctly or just boarding your horse, this is the place to experience all of your horse related aspirations. All disciplines are invited to join one of the many aspects our riding school and boarding facility has to offer. The benefits of learning the classical method crosses the boundaries of various riding disciplines; trail riders, jumpers and dressage, etc.  If your focus is just a natural, safe and peaceful environment for your horse to live...we can provide that too! Take advantage of our highly educated and certified instructor or utilize our vast 83 acres of turn out.  We have reasonable rates for our riding programs and all-inclusive boarding packages with no hidden fees. We do not emphasize competition, however, we do offer coaching and transportation to local shows for those who wish to participate. The slow and methodical process of the classical training scale are not always readily recognized in the competition world.  The individual needs of some horses and riders do not always fit the expectations for some show classes.  It can be difficult to train some horses with radical behavior issues, unique personalities or learning disabilities and stick to the way the showing levels are designed. Those horses should not be pushed to fit into a package that does not suit their temperament or abilities at any give time. CSR values the individual circumstances of each person and horse and trains according to those special needs. There are unlimited approaches and ways that the same subject material can be taught! We are here to help and take the time getting to know you and your horse so that we can create the most positive experience imaginable.  CSR has a zero tolerance policy for disruptive, unsupportive and disrespectful behavior. Therefore, we only accept clients with good references and an open minded, patient demeanor conducive to the learning of all existing clients, their horses and themselves.